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From A to B

A. Brewing & Bottling

Beer is fermented, bottled, and packaged in breweries

and made available to distributors.

B. Purchasing Inventory

Beer is purchased from suppliers by Atlanta Beverage

and trucked to facilities in Marietta, Fulton, & Griffin.

C. Climate Controlled

Facilities are climate-controlled and inventory is

managed so that only the freshest product is available.

D. Orders Transmitted

Atlanta Beverage account representatives

transmit the order to warehouse.

E. Orders Loaded

Each order is identified, prepared, and loaded

onto trucks for delivery.

F. Delivery & Presentation

Drivers deliver product to retailers. Care is taken to ensure good

presentation and to stock only the freshest beverages.

G. Promotions Team

The promotions team heads to locations throughout

Atlanta to bring the fun to you.