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Atlanta Beverage Owns the Market When it Comes to Ready to Drink Cocktails

If you’re looking for a spirit-based cocktail, you have come to the right place. Sales of ready to drink (RTD) cocktails have exploded in the past year and here at Atlanta Beverage, we boast the largest selection of high quality ready to drink products offered in Georgia. With better quality spirits and a wider range of cocktails the RTD market is more robust than ever. Below are a few of our favorites, for a full list please check out the spirit section in our portfolio on the link below.

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DRY COUNTY Blueberry & Mango Vodka

drycountry blueberry

In 2018, Dry County Brands becoming the first company in Georgia state history to produce beer and spirits under the same roof! Dry County Spirits’ quickly rose to the top of the Ready-to-Drink cocktail space with creative and delicious vodka and bourbon based cocktails.

Cutwater Vodka Mule & Margarita


Cut Water’s Tequila Margarita puts a south of the border favorite in the palm of your hand. The tequila imparts a floral aroma with a smooth finish that complements our mix of tart lime, pure cane sugar, and a subtle hint of orange. The combination is a perfectly balanced margarita with a Cutwater twist.

Moonrise Distillery Tea Whiskey, Bloody Mary, Bourbon Lemonade & Mountain Margarita

moonrise showcase drinks 2

In business since 2012, Moonrise Distillery was recently recognized as the number-one distillery in Georgia in a state wide user poll in January of 2021. With highly-rated bourbons, vodka, gin and whiskey, and new canned cocktails, Moonrise has garnered over 24 medals in competitions for the spirits it produces at the distillery located right off Highway 441 in Clayton.

The secret to that success? According to owner Doug Nassaur, it’s a commitment to staying local. “We’re all about Rabun County and featuring local products,” he says. “Our goal was to create an old world distillery that does it the old-fashioned way – hand-crafted from local ingredients using traditional trade craft methods to make products of the highest quality.”

In 2020 Moonrise launched four RTD cocktails, Moonrise Margarita, Tea Whiskey, Bourbon Lemonade and Bloody Mary.

Wild Leap Strawberry Mango & Creamsicle Mojito


With three ounces of Wild Leap vodka in every can, these little beauties pack a punch at 10% alcohol by volume! Our debut flavors, Strawberry Mango and Creamsicle Mojito, were originally created as handcrafted cocktails in our taproom and were so incredibly popular, we decided to put them in these sleek cans and bring to the masses!

Devil’s Backbone Orange Smash and Vodka Soda Lime

OrangeSmash ProductShot 12ozCan 923x1536 1
VodkaSoda ProductShot 12ozCan 923x1536 1

No mixers needed & only 90 calories? This is what low-cal dreams are made of. Alright, this one’s expertly crafted by our Master Distiller to pack all the flavor and leave out all the calories. Superior-clean vodka, a lively spritz of club soda, and a refreshing twist of real lime. We think this one takes to enjoying life by the water as easily as lightning bugs in Virginia. Ice down some cans, cozy up on the shore of any lake in the summer, and enjoy the show!

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